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Mihindu Children’s Foundation

Mihindu Children’s Foundation and Cultural Centre, with the affiliation of the Mihindu Cultural Foundation of Sri Lanka, was established in Melbourne in 2006. Their aim is to serve and educate the Sri Lankan youth living in Australia.

Through our group activities, concerts, television programs, and workshops, our children learn to enhance their talents and abilities, as well as develop their wellbeing, discipline, education, and their physical fitness.

All our programs and activities are based on our own cultural and traditional heritage, which we believe gives added value to the upbringing of the future generation of Sri Lankan expatriates.

In this respect, our foundation plans to work in alliance with Sri Lankan families to ensure that their children truly benefit from our valuable programs. The contribution of the parents is paramount in enhancing the child/parent relationship. We believe that this relationship is vital in the process of every child’s development.

Our prime target is to produce a well-mannered, common sensed, and educated group of children, who can be the best citizens of both Australia and Sri Lanka. First and foremost, our goal is to provide the Sri Lankan children of Australia with the best quality education, and the opportunity to develop into successful and accomplished adults.

Director – Vineetha Wijerathna

Vineetha Wijerathna has been a leading member and contributor to the Sri Lankan community that live in Australia. She is a journalist, language instructor, and writer. She began her journalistic career in 1984 at the Island Newspaper group in Sri Lanka. She migrated to Australia in 1990 and started her carrier as n Electoral Returning Officer with the Australian Electoral Commission. She then joined the National Australia Bank, where she worked as a Bank Officer for 12 years. Currently, she is a language teacher at the Victorian School of Languages, where she demonstrates proficiency and dedication to her work. She is committed to behaving ethically towards students and other members of the school community. She is the Language Ambassador in Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Associations and Co-ordinating Secretary in Melbourne for Associated Newspaper Group in Sri Lanka. Director of “RUWAN DORA” children’s program on The Buddhist TV channel in Sri Lanka.

Vineetha is the president and chief executive officer of the Mihindu Children’s Foundation and Cultural Centre. This foundation, established in 2006, is a leading, independent children’s foundation in Australia and Sri Lanka. Their key goal involves developing children’s personal and professional skills, writing skills, and a variety of other social and creative abilities.

Vineetha also pioneered the first Sinhala children’s magazine published in Australia (Tikiri Magazine), and now works as the chief editor of this highly regarded bimonthly publication. She is the Executive Director of the Pearl of Lanka television program broadcasted on Melbourne’s channel 31, and is the host of the children’s segment.

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