The Mihindu Children’s Foundation conducts regular children’s workshops to increase awareness of and improve fundamental Sri Lankan values. These workshops are based around teaching children the importance of respecting their parents and teachers, discipline, appreciation of the views and values of others, and being culturally aware of their Sri Lankan heritage. The workshops also incorporate aspects of public speaking, drama, music, language, and religion as part of their activities. The foundation uses tools such as concerts, competitions, and television programs to entertain the children, as well as to provide them with an outlet to showcase their talents and abilities.

In addition to the weekly workshops held on Sunday mornings, the foundation also aims to run several specific workshops for children throughout the year. These workshops will be orientated around specific areas of education, such as public speaking, drama, and self-development. They will provide the children with great opportunities to share their talents, enhance their knowledge, and most importantly, to improve their awareness and appreciation of traditional Sri Lankan values. The children will gain the privilege of interacting with several professional guests, such as renowned actors, musicians, writers, chess players, and many more.

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